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Craft Beer from Maple Syrup?

For New Day Farm this is a first! The creative brewers at Union 32 Crafthouse in Minnesota are cooking up a new beer with our very own Vermont single-source Grade A Dark maple syrup. We feel like grandparents. The new baby is going to be called New Day Maple Brown Ale. We are so proud.

As we like to say, it's not just for pancakes anymore...

With all that shiny stainless steel, Casey looks like he could be working in our sugarhouse. But he is mixing up some awesome brew with our very own tasty maple syrup in the starring role. We sent him around 10 gallons to play with. Give it a couple more weeks, and it's sure to be a winner! Definitely worth a special tasting trip.

If you are ever in the Twin Cities, stop by U32 and give them a shout-out from us.

And come over and visit us in Vermont one day, Casey!

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