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Because no two forests are alike, no two sugar bushes are alike either. Our maple syrup is certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. It comes from our pristine, southeastern facing mountain forest in Ira, Vermont where the snow remains on the ground for a long time. That's why we call it SINGLE SOURCE.


Maple production is different from year to year. The individuality of the trees, the piece of earth feeding the roots, and weather conditions produce maple sap and syrup with subtle variations in color, grade and flavor.

Moisture, temperature, barometric pressure, soil conditions, and even the direction of the wind have an affect on the taste of the final product. Every crop is unique.

“It really is the best syrup I have ever tasted!”

 - Molly Rothstein, Excelsior, MN

Our maple syrup is naturally full of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with no artificial colors or sweeteners. Nothing added, nothing removed - organic and straight from the forest.

Pure Vermont

Single-Source Maple Syrup

Pure Wild Harvest 




Sugaring is a proud Vermont tradition that occurs once a year in the early spring. When the sap begins to run, there isn't time to focus on anything else. We produced 850 gallons our first year thanks to plenty of help from our friends.


Our syrup is CERTIFIED ORGANIC, WILD HARVEST, and BIODYNAMIC thereby holding us accountable to the clean, pure, and natural practices we are passionate about. We don't over-tap our trees ensuring that they remain healthy for generations.


There is nothing like the real thing: pure, wild, natural, nutritious, unadulterated maple syrup. 


Did You Know?




Maple syrup is RICH in ESSENTIAL MINERALS like zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and MANGANESE. Manganese helps BUILD COLLAGEN and controls blood sugar. 


Maple syrup contains over 50 ANTIOXIDANTS; more than many fresh fruits and vegetables. It also contains A and B vitamins and MALIC ACID that assists in detoxifying heavy metals.


ABSCISIC ACID has been discovered in therapeutic concentrations of maple syrup. Studies show this phytohormone has a positive effect on INSULIN LEVELS and metabolic health.


40 to 1:  Sap to Syrup




It takes forty gallons of wild tree sap from our beloved old sugar maple trees to make one gallon of maple syrup.  


We tap only the most robust trees. Each is a minimum of forty years-old to ensure the sustainability of our harvest for years to come.


A well-maintained sugarbush is a well-maintained forest. We care about diversity and the overall health of the beautiful woods in our care.  


Making maple syrup is a great way to preserve forest land by allowing farmers to get value and preserve a way of life in a clean, sustainable way.

Vermont Grading

Grade A - Amber Color w/ Rich Taste (Grade A, Medium Amber)

Grade A - Dark w/ Robust Taste (Grade B)

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