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Gift List Service

Please order early, while supplies last! 
Allow us to help you during the holidays with our

We package everything with care in individual gift boxes 
and ship to everyone on your list. 
Great for business as well as personal gifts

We can process your list in any format.
You can upload your list onto our form, here.

Or, if you prefer, contact us by email,

No need to struggle with entering addresses online.

We provide personalized service
with 100% guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.  

Vermont maple syrup makes a perfect gift, appropriate for all ages. Our bottles are always well-received, especially where real maple syrup is hard to come by.
Our syrup has found its way from its origin in Vermont to Alaska, Colorado, California, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, Oregon, Utah, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington, Washington, DC, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Canada, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, and Republic of Georgia.
Where will you send yours?

Along with honey, maple syrup is also the most healthful natural sweetener, and a favorite secret ingredient for cocktails, sauces and baking.

We can include recipes and a custom greeting.
Get in touch today!
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