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Bringing people together for a feast of local food and global ideas

Our July, 2016 Room at the Table benefitted the International Rescue Committee.  We offered a delicious open-air meal with open dialogue on refugees and the IRC's New Roots program helping US-resettled refugees get involved in agriculture.
Contact us for updates on our 2017 event, or for help hosting an event on the farm.
On a farm on a mountain overlooking a vast expansion of land and free roaming cattle, horses and vegetation, a group of people gathered for a meal and discussion. The topic at hand: How to help welcome refugees? Around tables covered in wildflowers, discussion percolated. There were professors from Dartmouth, MIT, and Harvard Law School. There were philanthropists and farm hands, teachers and aid workers, and there were many children. Summer thunderstorms temporarily threatened to blow down our tent, but dinner guests grabbed the wooden poles and held the dining hall together until the sun returned.    - from Judith Greenberg, Ph. D. see article
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