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After 200 years of continuous farming, this land had wild apple trees all over the place (many being munched by the Highland cattle), but no orchard. So in 2012, we planted 50 baby apple trees, and have been adding fruit trees and other edibles ever since.  


Today we have Vermont Organic Farmers certified organic peaches and over fifteen varieties of heirloom apples.  In addition, we have kiwis, lingonberries, blueberries, wild bramble berries and medicinals, and many more. Our orchard plants grow in concert with a symphony of wildflowers and helpful weeds. Everything we add to the soil is bee and pollinator friendly (see our honey page here). Milkweed is essential to the endangered Monarch Butterfly, an intrepid navigator and true wonder of the world, so we allow it to grow tall. 

Over time, we plan to offer Biodynamic apple cider vinegar, various fruit concoctions and wild mushrooms from the forest as well as mushrooms raised from logs. Many of our colorful, bee-friendly plants offer beautiful dyes and pigments, so the fun goes on and on.

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