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John Capen

Loyal defender of the land, the cattle and the farm, John Capen was a lifetime friend of Lewella Day. "Llewella was mother and father to me," he often says.

This man knows his cattle and his tractors and has a trucking business of his own. He's as hardworking, honest and downright decent as you get.

You can't go to town, especially down to Mary's restaurant or Sweet Caroline's, and get out fast, because everywhere he goes people come over to shake his hand and share a joke.

There is no one as foolhardy and determined to move heavy equipment on steep slopes as John Capen. You can decide for yourself whether that's a compliment or a complaint.

If you see him on a Sunday hitched up with Esther behind his horse Nelson, don't speed by him at 50 mph - that'll really tick him off.

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