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Our Friends and Heroes


Vermont Organic Farmers believes that organic production enhances soil, plant, animal, and human health to protect the environment for current and future generations. Organic certification is needed to verify these production practices and to ensure that organic products are produced with integrity and transparency. We provide consumers with a process and label they can trust.

The International Rescue Committee has been  at the forefront of pragmatic, effective refugee relief, resettlement and policy. since its inception in 1933.  We are devoted fans, in awe of their intelligent and tireless devotion to address the migration crisis, arguably the thing most likely to define our century.

The National Young Farmers Coalition is another effective organization which helps small farms continue to provide an excellent food source through various forms of assistance and policy initiatives to support the next generation of farmers. 

AFG has provided humanitarian support in the small republic of Georgia for over 20 years.  Katya's sister runs it, and their Georgian ancestors farmed grapes for wine at Tsinandali, a constant source of inspiration.  Visitors welcome!  

Gardens for Health is another excellent organization proving that community agriculture provides multiple, robust benefits to enhance health as well as social and economic life. 

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