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What is Biodynamic?



The Biodynamic movement in agriculture, conceived nearly 100 years ago by the German polymath Rudolf Steiner, was based on a healing philosophy towards the earth, and formed the basis for today's organic movement.

New Day Farm is proud to be a Demeter-certified Biodynamic® farm.  The Biodynamic® approach considers the whole farm an individual entity.  Soil and water conservation, composting and biodiversity of the whole farm guard the well-being of plants, insects, animals, and life. 


As a baseline, Biodynamic® farms are all by definition, organic. Organic standards in the US require us to do no harm, regulating and providing guidelines for appropriate soil amendments, feeds and pest control. Most importantly, the organic movement has identified and gone a long way to prevent the use of many poisons on the land and water (such as industrial fertilizers, which were derived from the post-war surplus of explosives), through government regulation. 


Biodynamic® standards operate a bit differently.  Demeter is an international, private, self-governing, non-profit organization.  While they do require organic certification as a starting point, the emphasis is on maximizing the health of the soil, the animals, and the produce of the land.  One aim of a Biodynamic farm is to minimize external inputs to the farm, creating its own fertility naturally, by cycling through proven natural practices and healing preparations to bring the farm forward to its own highest level of health and vitality.


Studies in Europe, where the Demeter label is well known, have shown that Biodynamic foods have significantly higher levels of measurable nutrients than those grown organically or conventionally.  They taste better, too!


The wisdom of Biodynamic practices help us:


• build resilience, diversity and sustainability

• increase carbon sequestration in the soil

• intensify nutrition and great taste

• understand what's kindest and healthiest for our animals

• manage water and woodland resources responsibly

• save labor and fossil fuels

• connect to a broader movement

• preserve beauty, inspiration and balance for generations

"Healing the planet through agriculture"


-  Demeter Association

☀️Artwork by Mariah Krey, two-time New Day Farm Ranger

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