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A naturally formed honey comb

We keep bees out of love, grateful for the help these amazing sun-creatures bring to pollinate our orchard. But because the bees are currently struggling as a species, our deeper concern preserving and protecting them in a sanctuary.  

Bees are sensitive to light, motion, smells, metal, geometry, infrared waves, and sometimes, we think, even to thoughts.  

Bees suffer from exposure to cell phones and to chemical pesticides. At New Day Farm, we care for our bees naturally using Biodynamic practices and avoiding poisons of any kind.


Our purpose-built "Bee Fort" (right) keeps them dry and safe from hungry bears while small pine trees provide warmth and a windbreak behind their hives located on a sunny hill overlooking the orchard.  


Bees will forage up to a 2-3 mile radius from the hive. Our wild location provides clean pollen and nectar to keep the bees healthy. Wild honey changes color with the seasons, just as the pollen changes color with the flowers.


We are careful to gather only the amounts of honey that a hive can afford to give. We offer raw, wildflower honey for sale on a limited basis since honey, first and foremost, is for the bees themselves.  


Our customers really love it. One honey aficionado called it "the best honey on the planet." We aren't sure about that, but we can say it is yummy, and pure as can be.


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