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Private Cow Shares Update 2024: 

New Day Farm will not be shipping beef this year.

Cow Shares members now have the opportunity

to pre-order and pick up a whole, half, or quarter cow. 


Our Highland cattle are a smaller breed,

so a side of beef (½ cow) renders between 150-200 lb.

If that seems a lot, consider going in on it with some friends!


Price per pound aged, butchered $15

30 lb minimum - $12/lb

ground beef only $11/lb   

Price per pound uncut (DIY): $ 8

deposit of estimated 50% requested

Our beef harvests are private slaughters,

done humanely, safely on the farm. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that our top-quality, 100% grass-fed Highlander beef 

is not USDA-certified,

and by law, each package must say “NOT FOR SALE.” 


So the packaging can't say "grasped" or "organic;" it isn't as pretty, and we may only sell privately,

to neighbors and friends, thus the private Cow Shares Club.

Cow Shares members agree to these terms:

Meat is not USDA-certified (though excellent).

Orders are reserved in advance of slaughter, with deposit.

Money-back guarantee on quality.

Pick-up is at the farm.

Social distancing and masks are required at the farm.

Promptly pick up on the arranged date/s.

If you are interested sourcing your grass-fed beef from us, please send us an email with the following information:

  • The amount of beef you want to reserve: (quarter, half, or whole). 

  • Whether you prefer aged, cut & frozen, or uncut side/DIY.

  • Your contact details, and any questions.





As always, our animals live healthy, vet-free and are certified Vermont-raised and grass-(and weed) fed, and are in transition to Organic and Biodynamic certification. The cattle live a happy and cold-hardy existence on a pristine hillside of about 50 acres of pasture and woods. Although they are no longer certified by the USDA, nothing else has changed about how our beef is raised.  If anything, the slaughter process will be even more humane, with much less stress, done at home.  It is also safer for the rest of us!

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