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2015 Winter

It's January:  time to start tapping





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Sub-zero Tapping Crew




Collin was busy moving his family into their new house in Rutland.  Congratulations,!  (Here he is from last year!) --->

Collin, you will have to take a selfie so we can add you in !


NOTE:  though we were all out there and ready to go, sub-zero is just too cold to tap the trees.  At low temperatures (inder 15), the wood is likely to crack when you tap the spout in with your hammer, leaving hairline cracks that lead to the dreaded...LEAKS!  


We came back to do the real work the next day, in the rain. 

"Come on, John, smile!"  

"I am smiling!"

Believe us, John, everybody's glad you're feeling better!


Many thanks to John and Ellie Geisen, dear old Minnesota friends, who came all the way from Annapolis to work with us: first in the single-digits, and then in the rain.  Welcome to Vermont!


Also special thanks to Ellie for the beautiful photos she took (on this page) and her special chicken soup!

Ellie ... Bull-Whisperer

We introduced a young, curly -haired bull into our herd in November, thanks to our neighbor Ryan. 


With around 25 girls to spruce up, he's been keeping busy. 


Looks like you've lost a little weight there, buster!



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