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Demeter certified organic and Biodynamic™, our pure, delicious, wild harvested, single source maple syrup is a forest product rich in essential minerals, including zinc, iron, potassium, manganese and magnesium. Our Maple Sand™ line of nourishing and rejuvenating skin care products is derived from the same fresh forest sap.




New Day Farm Scottish Highlanders are 100% grass fed, all natural and humanely raised on ample pasture and woodland. Antibiotics and hormone- free, the meat is heart-healthy, rich in CLA and omega-3 fats. 



We planted our first trees from root stock in 2012. Now we need that special blend of rain, sun, nutritious soil...and a lot of patience. In a few years we will have a variety of organic fruits and berries ripe for the picking. Plus honey!


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We aim for the purest quality in our products, our attitude, and your experience. All of our natural, ethical and organic products meet the highest standards of excellence and sustainability. 


If for any reason you are not delighted with any product from New Day Farm, we will be happy to replace it or give you your money back.


Tel: 802.235.2252   

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