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Cow Shares 2019: Details are here!

We are changing the way we sell our beef.  Our beloved USDA-and Organic- certified butcher has phased out animals with horns.  We agree the horns can be dangerous and inconvenient.  The problem is, our babies have them - big ones - and we feel strongly they should keep them. (see here for details).  


In Vermont, it’s nearly impossible to find a slaughter option  for horned animals - on or off the farm - which also offers the USDA stamp.


Our beef harvests are now private slaughters

What does this mean for you?

It will be the same high-quality beef, aged three weeks, and frozen into wonderful cuts to order, but without the USDA-certification stamp. Each label will say “not for resale.”


We will be offering Cow Shares, like a CSA for grass-fed beef.

You can purchase it as a member of our (exclusive!) Cow Shares Club, our ever-growing friends & family fan base.  We will select for you a mixture of cuts, roasts and delicious ground beef - we just ask that you reserve in advance. 


We can also provide you with freezer space, sending your cuts as you need them, for a minimal fee + shipping.  Our Highlander steers are small, so please order early while supplies last.  

(A side of beef varies a lot but is often well under 200lb once packaged).


We currently have excellent choices left, ready to pick up. As you know, we also deliver to the NYC area. Our next harvest will be in autumn 2019.

If you are interested in sourcing your grass-fed beef from us, please send us an email with the following information:


    • The amount of beef you want to reserve, in pounds, or in sections (quarter, half, etc.). 

    • minimum order = 15 lb - about half a grocery bag

    • Price per lb = $12

    • Please specify if you want bones, or singular pieces, such as tongue, or hanger, or roasts, and any preferences. Ground beef is an easy and delicious favorite, along with steaks.

    • Let us know of other requests - we will do our best to please everybody.

    • contact details, including address, and any questions




As always, our animals live healthy, vet-free and are certified Vermont-raised and grass-(and weed) fed, and are in transition to Organic and Biodynamic certification. The cattle live a happy and cold-hardy existence on a pristine hillside of about 50 acres of pasture and woods. Although they are no longer certified by the USDA, nothing else has changed about how our beef is raised.  If anything, the slaughter process will be even more humane, done at home.  It will also be safer for the rest of us!

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